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Wild Edible Short – On Flavors

Whenever I talk to folks about eating wild edibles and the topic of dandelions comes up, I refer back to some advice that John Kallas gave in his AMAZING book Edible Wild Plants.  He wrote something to the effect of this: Most people like to eat meals that have a medley of flavors.

Don’t think that to include bitter wild edibles in your diet that you need to eat a plate full of dandelion greens!  YIKES!  That’s ridiculous.  If you are not fond of bitter foods, just include a tiny bit into your meal — mixed in with other foods (such as green smoothies).  For instance, I only put one or two chopped dandelion leaves (young ones) in my entire salad. Same goes for garlic mustard — just 2 or 3 leaves, chopped, go into my entire salad.  I still get the benefit of the bitter foods but I don’t have to endure my meal.  I enjoy the variety of flavors on my tongue.

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