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About The Crunchy Mama

Update: Welcome to my blog!  For 8 years, we lived on an urban homestead in NW Ohio.  We have moved north of Detroit, Michigan — in the suburbs.  Right now we are renting (IOW not doing much homesteading where we currently live) BUT homesteading and Permaculture are in my blood and I am excited to be connecting with new friends who are passionate about those topics, too.  I’ll continue to blog here about my indoor homesteading and Permaculture adventures.  I have plans to work on at least one other person’s homestead which I am very excited about.  You can connect with me here on the blog by commenting or subscribing via email.  I’m also on Twitter, Instagram and on Pinterest.  I’m also on Facebook in several groups that you might also be interested in joining, even if you are not local to me.

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Welcome to my blog about our journey of homesteading in the city (zone 6) in the Great Lakes region.   I’m Elissa aka The Crunchy Mama, wife to my hubby since 1998.  We have 3 sons whom we educate at home.  I am passionate about loving others, gardening, finding wild foods, and cooking.  We are fortunate enough to have a 1/2 acre backyard with 2 acres of flood plain to boot!  We’ve had a flock of backyard chickens since fall of 2008 and an ever expanding organic veggie garden.  I teach a variety of cooking and soap-making classes in my home and at a local foundation and so it is in my blood to teach or share what I can about the the things that I love to do which includes raising chickens and growing organic veggies!  Thus, this blog.

I’d love to hear from you if you have questions for me or want to share about your homestead adventures.

Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog via email or your favorite reader and follow me on Twitter or on Pinterest. I also upload videos fairly often on YouTube during the growing season.

Grace and peace,

The Crunchy Mama

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2 responses to “About The Crunchy Mama

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