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Fancy Soap: 3-colored 1-spot pour (cold process)

on January 9, 2014

I’m not a fancy person.  My daily uniform is jeans and a black tank top (of which I own seven).  When I put on make-up, it’s eye liner and that’s it.  I do appreciate beautiful things though — especially beautiful things of nature.  And acts of love and kindness.

I have been teaching basic soap-making for a few years now (just 3 times a year or so) and I have been promising my soaping students that I will offer a “fancy soap” advanced class.  Well, the day of the “swirls and layers” class is quickly approaching and so I needed to put together an array of options for my soaping students to pick from when they come.  Here are photos of a soap design that is inspired from Anne-Marie Faiola’s Soap Crafting book — I LOVE this book.

She has a design called “Funnel Pour” in the book.  I tweaked it a bit.  She uses a funnel to pour 5 different colored soap batters into the same spot.  The result is a neat-looking swirl.  I only used 3 colors and I didn’t use a funnel; I just free-handed my pour.  I aimed for the same spot with each pour.  I counted to 3 for each pour.

Here is what the soap looks like before I unmolded it:

3-colored 1-spot pour

Here is what it looks like unmolded:


Here is what the inside looks like when I cut the loaf into 3 equal pieces:

Loaf cut into thirds

Here are the final cut pieces showing off the unique swirls:

5 oz. cut bars

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