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One of my favorite things about winter is…

on December 19, 2013

…expanding my knowledge of growing plants and animals!  I have to admit that sometimes I prefer to read and watch videos learning cool skills than actually doing those skills.  I feel like I just can’t get enough knowledge!  Well, in winter, I don’t have to feel guilty because my garden is under almost a foot of snow!

December Sunrise

I have been watching some very informative videos on permaculture and I decided that I’d go ahead and start blogging again on this blog (my last blog post was in August!!!).  I hope that you gain some great knowledge along with me.  I will most definitely NOT be the expert on this topic but I’m blogging about it to share with you in case you are interested in learning along with me.  Of course, if you are more knowledgeable on the topics than me, PLEASE share any thoughts or tips!  That would be awesome!

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