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Keyhole Gardens (videos)

on December 19, 2013

I came across this site and thought I’d share.  I’ve never heard of keyhole gardens.  They are pretty cool!

Videos on Keyhole Gardens

From the site: ”

A Keyhole Garden is a type of kitchen garden that recycles as it grows. The design – which looks like a keyhole from above – incorporates a central ‘basket’ where compostable waste is placed and water is poured. They are especially useful in areas where good soil is scarce, often adding nutritious vegetables to diets. Send a Cow uses them as part of our training, and they get fantastic results; families start to grow enough to eat and sell.”

“Keyhole Gardens are also a great way of introducing children (and adults), to sustainable principles such as composting and using ‘grey water’. They are an excellent project for schools and groups to get involved in – perhaps as part of a bigger African gardening area?”

One more video:

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