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An easy-to-understand video series on Permaculture

on December 19, 2013

I just want to give a big “THANK YOU” to Jack Spirko of for doing a video series on the basics of Permaculture.  It helped me (a visual learner) immensely.  I really appreciate his take on it.  Here is his first video in the series.

Most of the videos in the series are 5 – 12 minutes long — great bite-sized chunks!

I am very excited about learning and incorporating permaculture design/principles into my garden next year.  I’m glad that I have a few months to plan before spring arrives so that I can get a plan together!  It will be quite a learning process — one that I am very excited about.

And, once again, thanks, Jack for the video series and for mentioning Geoff Lawton’s video series which I am currently enjoying immensely.

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One response to “An easy-to-understand video series on Permaculture

  1. […] friends!  I mentioned this video series in my post on Jack Spirko’s video series on permaculture.  At the time, I had not watch the entire series by Geoff Lawton.  Now that I have, I highly […]

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