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Growing Malabar spinach — heat-loving and vining

Vertical Vegetables & Fruit

This year I put an emphasis on growing more vertical (vining) plants with inspiration from a great book called Vertical Vegetables & Fruit by Rhonda Hart.  One of the plants that she recommends in the book is Malabar spinach.  So this past winter when I made a seed order from Johnny’s Selected Seeds I included Malabar spinach in it.

I started 6 seeds in my basement seed growing area in the spring.  I was surprised that only one seed germinated and that one grew very slowly.  It finally did grow very well once I put it outside when the heat came.

I also direct-seeded some in early summer.  Unfortunately, I didn’t place those well — they don’t get enough sun (because of my 8 foot tall tomato plants to the south of them).

From the one vigorously growing plant that gets a lot of sun, I enjoy plucking leaves every day for my green smoothies and veggie sautees.

Here is the direct link to order Malabar spinach seeds from Johnny’s if you’d like to grow it next year:

Here is a video showing all of my Malabar spinach plants:

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Proof of 8 foot tall tomato plants

I’d like to thank the chickens for their contribution to my garden’s soil fertility 🙂

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